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The Children’s Grand Adventure


Honoring Grace and Strength Through Exploration



Escape from the bonds of cancer amplifies the Grand Adventure’s all-encompassing atmosphere of freedom.


The Children's Grand Adventure is a journey that combines education and self-discovery in an inspiring communal setting.


Texas Children’s Cancer Center, a world-class institution, is a pillar on which The Children’s Grand Adventure was built.


Each and every child who has taken part in the Grand Adventure has a special, unforgettable tale to tell.

The Children’s Grand Adventure

Founded in 2008, The Children’s Grand Adventure is a nonprofit organization that enables patients from the Texas Children’s Cancer Center to experience the beauty of life found within Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Empowering Kids Through NatureEmpowering Kids Through Nature

The Teton Science Schools Jackson Campus in Jackson Hole serves as food-and-lodging base for The Children’s Grand Adventure. Jackson Campus buildings were designed using high-performance materials with low-level organic compounds and using minimal resources.

Cancer Survival StoriesTales of Adventure

Each participant in The Children’s Grand Adventure has a unique and inspiring story to tell – about victory over cancer and the glorious time spent in Jackson Hole.

In The News

The Children’s Grand Adventure is proud to have been recently featured in The Houston Chronicle and Jackson Hole News & Guide. This story has gained national attention within numerous publications.  Learn More >

Texas Childrens Cancer Center

As a pillar on which The Children’s Grand Adventure was built, Texas Children’s Cancer Center endeavors to become the finest pediatric cancer and blood disorder resource in the world.

The Adventure Begins

The memorable experiences that define The Children’s Grand Adventure range from simple to spectacular – and they occur in a setting that engages attendees throughout the trip’s entirety.

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A partnership between Texas Children's Cancer Center and Teton Science Schools

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The Children’s Grand Adventure

Healing Through Exploration

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