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The Children’s Grand Adventure


Dr. ZoAnn E. Dreyer

Medical Director, Long Term Survivor Clinic

ZoAnn Dreyer, M.D. is the Medical Director of the Long-Term Survivor Program at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Over 1000 childhood cancer survivors are evaluated every one to two years for delayed effects of their prior cancer therapy. Survivors are patients who are more than five years from their diagnosis and off therapy at least two years. There is no upper age limit for survivors followed in the clinic. Survivors are now invited to become participants in a novel program called Passport for Care. Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer’s additional clinical research interests include acute lymphoid leukemia in infants younger than one year old.  She was the principal investigator for an innovative, nationwide treatment protocol for these infants that have resulted in dramatically improved survival rates. She is currently principal investigator of a new pilot study using intensified asparaginase in patients with high risk ALL.

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The Children’s Grand Adventure

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