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The Children’s Grand Adventure


Built on Common and Passionate Desires

The Children’s Grand Adventure was founded in 2008 by native Houstonian Stacey Kayem, whose family, friends and loved ones are source of enduring support.

The program benefits from a coordinated effort with the Medical Directors and staff of Texas Children’s Cancer Center, including Dr. ZoAnne Dreyer, Medical Director, Long Term Survivor Clinic; Dr. Mona Shah and Lisa McCoy, Assistant Director of Donor Relations. The Children’s Grand Adventure continues to grow thanks to the numerous gracious donors and benefactors who share in the vision of longer, better, more vibrant lives for young survivors of cancer.


Stacey C. Kayem
ZoAnn Dreyer, MD
Lisa K. McCoy

Medical Advisors

ZoAnn Dreyer, MD
Mona Shah, MD
Adam Potter, Ph.D.


The Children's Grand Adventure arose from common and passionate desires to introduce two of this world's greatest and most moving beauties – the majesty of nature and the celebration of survival.

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A partnership between Texas Children's Cancer Center and Teton Science Schools

See how your donation brings nature to life.

The Children’s Grand Adventure

Healing Through Exploration

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